Lavonia welcomes Ukrainians live and work in Finland

Lavonia запрошує українців жити та працювати у Фінляндії

Lavonia is a stable Finnish employment service within the construction and diversified industries. We have a long history of creating good relationships with Ukrainian employees. We want to support an even greater number of Ukrainians by offering them jobs. Finnish Government has decided on temporary protection for Ukrainians. Among other humanitarian protection, this gives Ukrainians immediate right to work. Welcome to work with Lavonia!

“7.3.2022 Finnish Government has decided on temporary protection category of people fleeing Ukraine”

All our sympathies are with Ukraine and its people. Lavonia will do everything it can to help the Ukrainians, both in Finland and in Ukraine.

Lavonia Group employs dozens of Ukrainians and warmly welcomes all Ukrainians to Finland. We will do everything we can to provide Ukrainians arriving in Finland with humane living conditions and a good job.

“Temporary protection” means that all Ukrainians or residents of Ukraine can come to Finland and apply for temporary protection from the border authorities or the police. The right to work begins immediately upon arrival in Finland and will last at least 12 months.

If you, your family member or someone you know from Ukraine are looking for a job in Finland, please contact our recruitment team by filling out Lavonia’s recruitment form. We have diverse job opportunities open right now. We provide our customers with e.g. factory workers, steel workers and plumbers.

As a company, Lavonia will do everything possible to make Ukrainians feel welcome and will help you with practical matters related to work.

Slava Ukraini!

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